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In his own 40-year personal and professional journey, Ken Stofft has pursued the mystery of human wholeness, focusing on the necessity for men to release themselves from severe family and societal limitations, learned pain and self-delusion. This clears the way to both sexual aliveness and emotional awareness –  pathways to authenticity.


Ken sees himself as more than a bodyworker or somatic healer, spiritual counselor, or sexuality coach. He assists his clients, moving their physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual awareness into a better-functioning unity. This unity can be explored piecemeal in other healing venues, but a unified approach in coaching often supports richer and more rewarding progress.


In particular, Ken profoundly knows how wrong is the idea of "mind versus  body" – for our mind is our body, and our body is our mind. They are inseparable.  Discovering how each of us has been artificially divided into disconnected "parts" – and respecting how differently this has happened to each of us, Ken compassionately and gently combines his training in bodywork, spiritual practice and emotional release – to help each client unfold his fullest human potential, his own way.


In his coaching, Ken listens deep – not just to the words, but also to his client's body patterns and emotional holding. He helps each client embrace the confusion and discomfort that life's transitions can bring. For such transitions lead to greater freedom, self-knowledge, expression and joy
In his own life, Ken has learned how each of us must pursue his own unique path in order to reach authentic living.  Combined with substantial training in several healing disciplines, Ken has embraced, survived and learned from some quite challenging “transitions” in his life journey.  To his clients he thus brings a mix of academic and apprenticeship training in the healing arts – plus direct learning from the wisdom book  of his own life (see sidebar):


*  Son of an alcoholic

*  Former Franciscan friar

*  Recovering Alcoholic

* Addictions counselor

*  Certified Hypnotherapist

*  Certified Reiki Master /


*  Sex educator

* Public speaker / workshop


Life Journey / Career Highlights

Ken’s formal education includes:

*  Master's in Philosophy

*  Master's in Religious Studies

* Certified Sexological

   Bodyworker (State of

   California Dept of Ed.)

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