"Somatically, the 'well adjusted' individual has to be somewhat 'uptight' and insensitive relatively unresponsive and rigidified. This 'closed down' condition of reduced somatic sensitivity occurs in top athletes as much as in those who are physically challenged. Such persons are 'out of touch' with the life-force that flows within them. Chronic anxiety... instigates psychosomatic defenses in which parts of the body literally become anaesthetized . . . Unconscious fearfulness over sexuality - for example, as a result of childhood traumas - often leads to tension and rigidity psychosomatically. Inflexibility of the pelvis and spinal column, as well as thoracic tightness - that is, a 'closing down' of the structures . . . are also common long term reactions to erotic fear and inhibitions.                                                                        Barnaby B. Barratt, Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom


"Self-doubt can block you from seeking help, dreaming, or moving. Inner attacks are at their maximum when you attempt to change and be real."

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arnold Mindel


"As we age, we human beings yearn for wholeness. We yearn for the parts of ourselves that have been in the dark to find sunlight, and those that were sunburned to find shade. We yearn for the  parts that  have been underdeveloped to grow, and those that were overdeveloped to be pruned.  We yearn for the parts have been silent to speak, and those that were noisy to be still. We yearn for the parts that have been alone to find companionship, and those that have been over-crowded to find solitude.  We yearn to live our unlived lives. (The second half of life) asks us not to defend who we are but to be open to the mystery of what we have not yet become, the mystery of coming into our own, whoever we may be."
                                                                                                                                                                     Mark Gerson, Listening to Midlife

"When you accept responsibility for your own erotic power and pleasure,  here's what happens:


*  You stop expecting your partner(s) to be the source of your


*  You stop pressuring them to give you things you haven't yet

     learned to accept.

*  You stop blaming them for not knowing what you want.

*  You learn to articulate to your partner(s) what it is you really
    want."                         Barbara Carrellas, Urban Tantra

"Sexuality is a celebration of life! And surely we all   deserve to experience life as a celebration. Our sexualityis with us all our life, and it is the wellspring of our sensuality -- our potential to enjoy living. It is our capacity  to experience pleasure, and even joy, ecstasy and bliss.   Whatever our age, whatever our hysterical condition, we all have the potential for erotic pleasure. After all,   sexuality is the flow of the life-force within us, throughus, and all around us."       

    Barnaby Barratt, Sexual Health & Erotic Freedom

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