Client Reflections
"I have lived for so long in my head, even when processing my feelings and emotions.  Working with Ken to get in touch with how negative feelings, or unidentified resistances inside myself, are amplified in my body, has enabled me to let go of many of them. 
Or, to shift the way I think about them, and not allow anymore to hold me back.     --  JJ,  Hawaii
"Before I met Ken, I was unsure of who I was and what I wanted out of life.  Ken helped me to find myself and gave me a voice.  As my coach, Ken supported me in exploring who I wanted to be, and helped me to be that person.  I am forever grateful that I made the decision to have Ken as my coach.  I am a different person now, more confident and self-assured, and I know what I want in life and what direction I want my life to move towards."   -- RJ,  Nova Scotia, Canada
"I'm a professional writer, early-retired CEO and quite "therapy-wise' gay man.  Over the years, while recovering from a quite messed-up childhood, accentuated by being born into our own even more bizarrely messed-up USA culture, I've received helpful input from talk-therapists, as well as healing from various kinds of bodyworkers (Taeger, Reiki, somatic-release, etc.).  However, Ken weaves together multiple approaches in ways that I'd never before experienced -- guided by his kind concern, by wisdom he's obviously earned from navigating his own life -- and by his passion for the re-emergence of other men.  I've integrated more working with him than I would have believed possible."          -- BFF, California
"I have never met Ken in person, and though I hope this will happen some day, all of my virtual interaction with him has proven to be so intense and so productive, that for all practical purposes it feels like we have been in the same room all the time.  Also, I had never been with a coach before, actually I had no idea of what a coach could do for you.  Ken was not only a very comprehensive coach, but also a very personal one, to the point that he became like a friend, and no professoinal boundary was lost in this process.  I am a married man who is slowly integrating his homosexual side into his sexuality.  My basic issue is that, while I was able to be aroused with my male lover, I was unable to orgasm.  Ken helped me to open up sexually.  Since I began working with him, orgasms with other men have become a pattern for me.  But my work with Ken has not limited itself to achieving orgasms.  He gave me emotional support and sound guidance on many other questions and challenges I have been facing for my personal growth as a whole person.    --  Jose, Brazil